Taste and odor rapid response

Taste and Odor events are a source of great concern for drinking water treatment plants. They generally occur unexpectedly in the summer when water temperatures and nutrient load create a perfect environment for growing blue-green algae that secrete a chemical known as geosmin. It has a very strong taste and smell that is often described as earthy, musty, dirt-like or of dead fish. It can also occur when reservoirs turn over in the spring and fall.

As a result municipalities are pressured into action. Many do not have a plan in place or budget to solve the problem.

EarthTec has a Rapid Response program proven to reduce Taste and Odor problems FAST, in as little as 1-2 days.

Step One — Site Survey

Our team of experts will review your plant layout and water conditions.

Step Two — Treatment Recommendation

We will review several options to quickly and safely reduce your taste and odor problem.

Step Three — Implement the Taste and Odor Plan

EarthTec will move forward in 24-48 hours to implement a strategy. This includes working with you to provide chemicals, dosing equipment, gather water samples, etc.

Step Four — Evaluation and Optimization

Once a program is implemented, our team will assist in optimizing treatment and performance.

Contact us today to schedule a site survey with our experts. Let us help you solve your taste and odor problems.