EarthTec Overview

Reduce copper sulfate

EarthTec can be used to replace copper sulfate. Many customers have been using copper sulfate for years to treat unwanted algal blooms in the late spring and throughout the summer. The problem is copper sulfate crystals sink, so much of the copper is wasted and settles to the bottom. It also requires an extensive labor campaign to apply the product. These drawbacks are eliminated with EarthTec. EarthTec can be applied in one location, and it will evenly distribute throughout the body of water. All of the product is immediately bioavailable and toxic to algae. EarthTec does not settle out and is not wasted. The residual EarthTec stays in solution to prevent algae regrowth and is only consumed when met with biological demand. Most customers who switch from traditional copper sulfate crystals (25% Cu) to EarthTec (5% Cu) see an immediate reduction of the amount of copper added to the environment.

Control algae and reduce taste and odor complaints

Blue-green algae can cause a musty odor and unpleasant taste in drinking water. A small algal bloom now can lead to taste and odor complaints later. If you have concerns about taste and odor, consider implementing a strategy to reduce blue-green algal blooms rapidly and efficiently as soon as they appear.

EarthTec controls the algae that releases foul-smelling compounds, helping your water remain clear and odor-free. Our team of experts is ready to assist with free water sample tests and specialized dosing regimens. With rapid-response treatment, EarthTec can control blue-green algal blooms and protect against potential taste and odor problems.