Fast, effective cyanotoxin solution

Cyanotoxins are organic compounds that are produced by cyanobacteria (commonly known as blue-green algae) and pose a health risk to humans, pets and others that come into contact with the affected water.

Some of the most common cyanotoxins include:

  • microcystin
  • saxitoxin
  • anatoxin
  • cylindrospermopsin.

Cyanotoxins are equally toxic whether they are within the algal cell (intracellular) or have been released into the water column (extracellular). However, cyanotoxins contained within the algal cell are more easily removed by water treatment plants using conventional treatment processes of coagulation and sedimentation, and this is the reason a lot of attention is paid to whether the cyanotoxin is intracellular or extracellular. Preliminary data from impartial third-party labs indicate that EarthTec is effective at halting growth of cyanobacteria and production of cyanotoxins without a significant increase in the extracellular fraction of toxins. This is important because water managers can treat with EarthTec to slow or halt growth without compromising their in-plant capabilities to remove the remaining toxins.