Ohio water industry leaders to discuss innovative cyanobacteria and zebra mussel treatment

Ohio water experts will gather at the U.S. Smart Water Conference to discuss controlling harmful cyanobacteria blooms and invasive zebra mussels.

AKRON, Ohio – Ohio is an epicenter for water quality issues. The state has been plagued by invasive zebra mussels and potentially toxic cyanobacteria blooms for years. When the U.S. Smart Water Conference convenes in Akron on May 30, industry leaders will discuss an innovative solution to both problems.

The annual U.S. Smart Water Conference brings together water utility managers, regulators and researchers. This year’s theme is “Intelligence, Innovation & Tomorrow’s Technologies.” Controlling harmful cyanobacteria blooms and zebra mussels requires all these things.

“Fortunately, we have tomorrow’s technology today,” said Dr. David Hammond, Senior Scientist with Earth Science Laboratories. “Many water treatment facilities are using an advanced liquid copper formulation to control cyanobacteria and zebra mussels. This formulation also reduces taste and odor problems. That’s a three-for-one benefit.”

Hammond will lead two seminars at the U.S. Smart Water Conference. The first seminar will present data and case studies on controlling cyanobacteria blooms with an algaecide called EarthTec®. The propriety liquid copper formulation in EarthTec disperses evenly in water and works at low doses. The second seminar will focus on the additional benefits of EarthTec. These include killing zebra mussels and reducing taste-and-odor-causing chemicals.

Hammond will also be on hand to discuss the Cyanobacteria Response Program and the Zebra Mussel Emergency Response Program. ESL offers these programs at no risk. They include free onsite consultation, installation and monitoring equipment. Participants pay only for the EarthTec they use.

More information on the U.S. Smart Water Conference is available at: https://www.agwaevent.net.

Earth Science Laboratories Inc. manufactures advanced water treatment products. EarthTec is an algaecide/bactericide* for controlling cyanobacteria. EarthTec® QZ is a molluscicide for controlling zebra mussels and quagga mussels in open waters and in pipelines. EarthTec and EarthTec QZ are EPA approved for use in open water and in pipelines. Both products are NSF Certified to ANSI Standard 60 as additives to drinking water. Visit earthtecwatertreatment.com to learn more.

*Nonpublic health bacteria