Experts to discuss cyanobacteria and quagga mussel control in the Western U.S.

The Tri-State Seminar in Las Vegas will host western U.S. water experts, including Earth Science Labs, to present data on controlling cynanobacteria and quagga mussels.

LAS VEGAS – Water treatment experts from three western states will meet in Las Vegas this month. The annual Tri-State Seminar brings together leaders from Arizona, California and Nevada. This year’s meeting takes place in the face of ongoing challenges to the water industry in the region.

Rising populations and droughts threaten to strain water supplies. Cyanobacteria blooms pose potential health risks and degrade the quality of drinking water. Invasive quagga mussel populations are exploding in major reservoirs such as Lake Mead and Lake Powell. Quagga mussels colonize pipelines and intake screens in such large numbers that they severely restrict the flow of water to treatment plants.

“It seems like a bleak picture” said Dr. David Hammond, Senior Scientist at Earth Science Laboratories. “Fortunately, there is a solution for water treatment plants facing cyanobacteria outbreaks and quagga mussel infestations. Ionic copper controls these problems very effectively with minimal impact on fish and other wildlife.”

Hammond will lead a seminar on pre-treating drinking water at the Tri-State Seminar. The seminar will include discussion of cyanobacteria control, taste and odor reduction and quagga mussel control. Hammond will present data and case studies on the use of advanced ionic copper in reservoirs and water treatment plants throughout the U.S.

An ESL team will be available at the conference to discuss the Cyanobacteria Response Program and the Zebra Mussel Emergency Response Program. ESL offers these programs at no risk and no initial cost. The team will provide further details at the conference.

The Tri-State Seminar is jointly sponsored by the AZ Water Association, the California Water Environment Association and the Nevada Water Environment Association. More information is available at:

Earth Science Laboratories Inc. creates advanced water treatment products. The Arkansas-based company manufactures EarthTec® algaecide/bactericide* and EarthTec® QZ for the control of quagga mussels. EarthTec and EarthTec QZ are EPA registered and approved for use in open waters and pipelines. Both products are NSF Certified to ANSI Standard 60 for use in drinking water. More information is available at

*Nonpublic health bacteria