Cyanobacteria Response Team


Our mission is to help customers implement a proven plan to mitigate epidemic cyanobacteria blooms. By following a scientific approach we can safely, effectively and affordably reopen lakes for recreation in just a few days. 

EarthTec has assembled a Cyanobacteria Response team to  help you quickly solve problems caused by Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs). Most are due to cyanobacteria and have caused a large number of recreational lakes to shut down for weeks at a time. The toxins released during these blooms can cause skin irritation to humans.  There have also been reports of pets dying from exposure to the cyanobacteria.

Our Cyanobacteria Response Team has gathered water samples from several sites across the US in order to find a solution. We have put together a plan that has been implemented at sites with cyanobacteria blooms and the results are impressive. Blooms were under control within within 24-48 hours of application.

The Cyanobacteria Response Team can help you quickly assess your situation and put together a plan that is safe, effective and affordable. 

EarthTec Response Team can assist with:

  • Site Survey
  • Water Sample Lab Analysis 
  • Verify Dose Response
  • Field Trial/Rapid Response 
  • Institute Algae Instrumentation
  • Chemical Feed Storage
  • Dosing Equipment


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