TTHM’s, DBP’s and TOC

TTHM’s, DBP’s and TOC

These are acronyms that keep Water Treatment Plant Managers up at night.  

EarthTec has a solution that just might help you sleep better at night.

Plant managers are constantly battling disinfection by products.  They have been forced to reduce chlorine, switch to chloramines, add permanganate, install ozone, etc. etc.  And still they are often right on the edge of their limit for DBP’s.

EarthTec may be able to help you finally solve your problem.

Here are the real problems:
  1. WTP’s don’t always know the source of the problem.
  2. WTP’s are using oxidizers that create DBP’s.

TOC is a tricky number.  It is seasonal and often at its highest levels during the months with the larges customer demand-  June, July, August and September.  If this is your situation EarthTec has a solution.

EarthTec is not an oxidizer and does not create disinfection by products.  EarthTec is an algaecide and bactericide.  By reducing your algae and bacteria you are by definition reducing your TOC. Many of the chemicals you are using to treat the TOC are being misused to treat algae and bacteria.  This misapplication during the summer months is one of the reasons your DBP’s climb.

Plants that use EarthTec at their intake screens are able to reduce or eliminate other chemicals and oxidizers that create DBP’s. The result is a more optimized approach targeted to specific TOC issues. 

We are so confident you will reduce your TOC levels we can offer this at no risk.  We will supply EarthTec to you as part of our TOC Reduction program.